A Family of Fashion Models

This is a family of stars. This is also a family of fashion models. They have a happy marriage followed by a cute-looking girl named Suri Cruise. They are shining stars both in front of the camera and in real life.

Each word they said or each move they made would be the most viewed item on the internet. However, nothing would make more sense than taking a closer look at how they are dressed every day. That is right. As a family of fashion models, we can acquire numerous new and novel ideas on how to get dressed.
It might be a hot summer day. Suri Cruise, one of the cutest little girls in the world, held a cup of ice cream in her hands while walking with her loved Mom and Dad in a shopping mall. She looked very nice that day, wearing a red vest and lighter pink skirt with lace. The shoes she was wearing were also in pink color, creating a harmonious unison of beauty. The pink skirt going with her pink shoes perfectly presented the cutest side of her. I guess this might be a production made her Mom.
There is no doubt. As a shining star in the movie industry and dubbed as one of the most beautiful stars in the Hollywood, she is also a genuine fashion model in real life. Her stunning figure never looks pale against the fashion of any style. On this summer day, she wore a white hat, a white T-shirt with scattered dots and a blue jean short. The shoes she wore that day looked cute and fashionable. The white hat going with white T-shirt dotted black points created a cozy and relaxing mood which was perfect for a worry-free shopping experience. The blue jean short perfectly revealed her long and sex-looking legs. However, nothing could be more eye-catching than the leather fashion handbag she chose for that special day. The handbag enjoys a refined texture and a fashionable design. The buckle design is simply the highlight of the handbag as it seems to bring you back in time. The golden copper-made label fixed in the front face of the bag presents a perfect symmetrical design. From the leather texture and the buckle design to the vaulted strap, fashion elements can be easily found everywhere. Such a fashion handbag might be the best choice to go with her white T-shirt and white hat. She made a choice that can easily tell us she has a sweet and happy family. She made a right choice that once again proved the charm of fashion handbag.
To my surprise, Suri Cruise also carried a pink little handbag. This might be her own choice or one made by her Mom. This is not an answer worthy searching for anymore. What matters is that such a small pink handbag also perfectly added more adorable elements to her childish image. It is obvious to see the fashion and beauty lie in the harmonious unison of color.

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