Hollywood Stars: Debuts as Fashion Models

To become celebrity, it is certain that Hollywood star had to undergo lots of difficulties and capture any good opportunity. We have ever heard that the couple Angelina Jolie- Brad Pitt are the movie stars cast in series of blockbusters such as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Wanted, Troy, and so on; therefore, when we call them fashion models, it seems to be so strange. In fact, they could be successful as fashion models thanks to such eye-catching modeling appearances. The beautiful blonde Cameron Diaz or Ashton Kutcher are also the rarely-mentioned names in modeling debuts because they are best-known for acting or singing careers. Below are the first photo shoots when Hollywood stars step by step entered the entertainment industry.


After signing the contract with Ford company, Lindsay Lohan became a 11-year-old kid model. Li.lo is among the youngest faces for CK fashion advertising. Thanks to photo-shooting experiences, she was cast in the blockbuster “The Parent Trap” in 1998


In order to become a talented man in the movie industry, Brad Pitt experienced many different jobs. Before penetrating Hollywood, he was the brilliant face for Levi\’s jeans ads


At age of 15, Angelina Jolie started her debut as a fashion model in 1990. Wild and magic beauty is seen to be her most dangerous weapons to attack the Seventh Art. Angelina starred in the fantasy film “Cyborg 2” in 1993 after 3 years of modeling


After signing the contract to become the proprietary model of Elite, Cameron Diaz went around the world to show off her irresistible beauty. In 1994, she was cast with the first role in the movie “The Mask”


Ashton Kutcher, husband of Demi Moore early started modeling career while serving as a high-school student in Iowa, US


Brooke Shields, the most famous actress Hollywood late 1980s – early 1990s started her debuts as a fashion model at the age of 16. At that time, her sexy shots remained controversial. CK jeans brand is her first great passion before penetrating Hollywood


Charlize Theron won many modeling awards model in his hometown South Africa before becoming a Hollywood star. However, then she decided to quit modeling career to follow ballet study in New York and attend acting training


Elizabeth Hurley, the British beauty was the well-known face for Estee Lauder fashion brand in 1995. Later, Elizabeth Hurley has become a professional model and she carefully kept first shots


Just as a kid, Mischa Barton was the modeling face for Ford company in many ads campaigns. Later, she has become a famous star of American television after the success of the television series “The OC”


The handsome vampire Robert Pattinson started his debuts as a model. At that time, he was thin and so tall, and impressive multi-sex face. After that, he was cast and obtained much great success as the role of vampire Edward in “Twilight”



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