Inventory Shulang Fashion Brand Cluster Model Results

“11th five-year plan” period is the comprehensive construction well-off society’s

critical period, has contributed a historical position in the 11th five-year plan

period, clothing industry has experienced rapid development period and economic

crisis, especially for the test in an economic crisis ShuLang speaking, the curve

overtaking on this lot of variables and challenges of five years, timely seize

opportunities and roll with the third-phase project, the expansion, strengthen

the construction of brand strategy cluster, accelerate the internationalization,

set up the profession model.
Respecting traditional, create the future

An enterprise’s progress is in innovation follow historical development law, and

cannot subverts the traditional essence. ShuLang development versa, during their

first without any successful experience quotable circumstances, based on

traditional development mode, and explored in advancing search industry rules,

summarize entrepreneurial experience, practicing skills, gradually out an

independent innovation of “six plus a” model of fashionable road, namely “the

product development, raw material purchase, storage and logistics, wholesale

business, order processing, terminal retail” and a “highly manufacturing link”

management model, not only firmly grasp the company product price decision and

market discourse, but also to the greatest extent the costs and clothing industry

market atrophy adverse effects, and maintain the enterprise profit margins.

So far, ShuLang grasps by dress as the main body of the enterprise development

mode, adhere to build brand garment and fashion brand idea, by the lofty social

historical responsibility, fusion Confucian culture essence, follow the fashion

frontier and trace the root of Chinese culture. In fashionable T stage to deduce

contracted, harmonious, composed, beauty in plain constantly in pursuit of into

popular element, make the brand is the continuation of traditional spirit, also

be classical fashion either.

Timely and become, action to make dreams come true

The 2008 international financial crisis to enterprise development brings

opportunities and challenges. Just ShuLang speaking, the mainest is overturned

traditional enterprise development track. During this period, ShuLang made

including enlarging the factory, developing new brand, upgrade technology, market

network construction and so on a series of measures, the firm do domestic brand

strategy of independent innovation further strengthening, prompted the company in

female outfit industry swiftly.

In global economic crisis erupts, ShuLang withstands outside pressure, change

european-standard machines, reverse thinking for the development of new model

pioneered new pattern of adversity. ShuLang keenly aware that the economic

crisis, the arrival of led directly to raw material prices fell sharply, it will

greatly reduce the construction cost, ShuLang lose no time to begin to prepare a

total construction area of 7 million square meters, the third-phase project

completion after production, the production base for workshop area will reach

more than 10 million square meters, helps to strengthen and enhance company has

its own production ability. In order to enhance corporate informatization

management level, June 2009, the company in marketing, purchasing, warehouse,

production, financial management, and each link comprehensive building ERP

industry information platform, enterprise information interaction between share,

make ShuLang swiftly realize resource management and control, greatly improve

informatization management efficiency, thus greatly promotes the enterprise the

advantages and core competitiveness. Meanwhile, ShuLang timely introduction of

foreign talents, formed with intellectuals saw many, and young students see more,

creative talent sees many comprehensive talents system for the company to expand

the market, organized by the development of new brand of the strategic reserves a

massive outstanding talents.

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